Meghan Markle could have twins: the rules she should follow during pregnancy

Meghan Markle could have twins: the rules she should follow during pregnancy

Meghan Markle's first pregnancy could be twin, according to experts. Here is the protocol to follow during the sweet wait

Meghan Markle pregnant: the trials and the denials

Meghan Markle could easily have twins. Therefore her first pregnancy could be double, if not even triple.

At least this is what Helen Turier of the Twin and Multiple Births Association says from the Sun's pages. According to the expert, there is a greater chance that women after the thirty dealing with their first pregnancy will wait for two or more children. The Duchess of Sussex is 37, so presumably she could face a twin waiting sweet.

At the moment the rumors of a Lady Markle's pregnancy have been denied, but soon she and Harry could give the happy announcement. The couple in fact never hid from wanting children soon.

However, some are the rules that Meghan must follow during pregnancy. Like all women in the Royal Family (including Kate Middleton), she will also have to adhere to a strict protocol.

  • He will have to limit his travels abroad, although he will continue to fulfill his commitments. In fact, women at Court have the right to maternity leave only after the birth of the baby. Kate Middleton, while waiting for Louis, went to Norway. But in the following months she remained in Great Britain where she continued to attend public events until a few weeks before giving birth.
  • Baby shower not allowed: Meghan will have to give up the prepared party. This is considered unheard of for the Royal Family, as a sign of ostentatious wealth. Rumors were circulated in 2013 about a party organized by Pippa Middleton when Kate was pregnant with George, but the rumors seem unfounded.
  • The Duchess of Sussex will be followed by a team of midwives and doctors, once necessary because the women of the Royal Family gave birth at home. Things have changed with Princess Anna. Lady Middleton also had three children in the Lindo Weigh of St. Mary's Hospital, where William and Harry were also born. During Charlotte's birth, Kate was followed by three midwives.
  • The Queen must be the first to learn about birth. William advised his grandmother after George, Charlotte and Louis were born through an encrypted phone call.
  • The newborn must have at least three or four names. For example, the royal babies of Will and Kate are called: Prince George Alexander Louis, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and Prince Louis Arthur Charles.
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