Meghan Markle criticizes the Queen for royal protocol: it's war

Meghan Markle, the Queen offers her a plan to save herself and return to Court

Meghan Markle, according to some tabloids, would have harshly criticized the rules imposed by the Queen at the Court

Meghan Markle sets a tone with the striped shirt

Meghan Markle is no longer hiding and openly declares war on the Queen. Harry's wife, according to reports from the Daily Express, allegedly criticized the royal protocol, stating that women are subjected to very strict and discriminatory rules in court. It would have been just too many limitations, many of which affect the private sphere, to push Meghan to leave England and return to live in the United States.

For example, women of the royal family can never wear skirts with the hemline above the knee. Pants that can only be worn on very special occasions, such as sporting events (it happened to Kate Middleton), are also prohibited, but never in the evening. Also banned are jeans, shoulder bags, miniskirts, wedges and flesh-colored tights. Furthermore, those who are part of the Royal Family cannot use colored nail polish, cannot do streaks or have extensions. The stockings must always be put under the skirts and you must never have bare legs. Indoors it is mandatory to wear a hat and after 6 pm the tiara. Going around alone or crossing your legs is strictly prohibited.

A series of rules that would have infuriated Meghan Markle, prompting her to organize the Megxit with Harry. Now that the former Suits star is away from the royal family, she is even freer to say what she thinks. It did so on the occasion of the presidential elections in the US, siding against Trump, but it seems willing to do so also with regard to the Royal Family.

If Harry could soon return to London to talk to his beloved grandmother, Meghan would have already chosen not to accompany him. The former actress, according to the tabloids, would not be welcomed at the Palazzo due to the rebellious attitude revealed in recent months. One step at a time, in fact, Markle has not only emancipated herself from the royal family (bringing Harry with her), but has also decided to establish herself as an authoritative voice internationally. This is demonstrated by the numerous speeches that see her as a protagonist and in which she has dealt with important issues such as racism, the misuse of social networks and American politics.

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