Meghan Markle drags Harry into crazy spending money for a luxury vacation

Meghan Markle, the Queen imposes on her Sophie del Wessex to guide her in the management of Archie

Meghan Markle gives birth in two weeks and grants her husband a three-day vacation for over 38 thousand euros. And the controversy erupts

Meghan Markle and Harry: holiday in a luxury hotel

Meghan Markle and Harry allow themselves a three-day holiday extra luxury two weeks after giving birth.

The Dukes of Sussex are about to leave for what the English call babymoon, a sort of honeymoon before the arrival of the royal baby. Naturally, their weekend out of town entails spending thousands of euros.

Harry and Meghan, who created their Instagram profile without Kate and William, have in fact opted for the five-star hotel, Heckfield Place, in Hampshire, as reported by the Sun. The cheapest room costs 300 pounds, the more expensive 10 thousand per night. Guess which parents have chosen? Of course the most expensive. Therefore, only overnight accommodation Harry and Meg spend 30 thousand pounds, equal to about 35 thousand euros. Of course the suite is equipped with every comfort, as well as a dining room and two private terraces.

As a friend of the Duchess revealed: "Meghan will give birth in two weeks and Harry wants to do everything for her." Little revenge against the Queen who forbade Meg to use the Crown jewels?

But meanwhile the controversy mounts for yet another crazy expense of Meghan. Only a short while ago the Duchess had been in the eye of the storm for the super luxury baby shower in New York. And this holiday in Hampshire is proof that Lady Markle has not yet realized that she is no longer a Hollywood star who can satisfy her every whim as she likes. She is still a representative of the English monarchy.

Among other things, to raise the mini-holiday bill, there are private dinners and £ 350 per day for each of the three bodyguards who take care of the couple's safety. Therefore, on balance the expenditure reaches 33 thousand pounds, equal to about 38.500 euros.

Kensington Palace does not comment. But certainly the choices of Harry and Meghan embarrass the Court, also considering the 3 million spent on the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, the new home of the Dukes of Sussex. Kate Middleton and William have never behaved like this, although they have never given up their vacation with all comfort.

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