Meghan Markle ends up being targeted by the American tax authorities

Meghan Markle, victim of a social plot

There is no peace for Meghan Markle, after the quarrel with Kate the duchess ended up in the sights of the American tax authorities and now she risks

There is no peace for Meghan Markle, who is preparing to face a new problem at the Court.

This time the American tax authorities threaten the serenity of the Duchess of Sussex. After the wedding with Harry and the trip to Australia, Meghan is ready to become a mother, but above all a British citizen. In fact, the former Suits star intends to obtain British citizenship, but to do so she will have to wait five years, during which she will have to present her tax return in the United States.

Precisely for this reason, the Internal Revenue Service, the relentless American tax authority, has decided to initiate controls on Markle's finances. A few days ago at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace there is a large bustle, with tax officials, valets and secretaries intent on transporting important documents. The tax department has entered the Court and this worries not a little Queen Elizabeth II, who has never before been subjected to such severe and accurate control.

The assets of Meghan, the fruit of his work in Hollywood, is around 5 million dollars. To these must be added the fees that the former actress receives thanks to her role as Duchess of Sussex. Not only that: Meghan also has access to the trust fund that Lady Diana left to Harry shortly before her death, worth £ 20m, with an income of £ 300,000 a year. A small fortune that would now be at risk, because the American tax authorities could decide to tax it.

The situation, the British tabloids reveal, has caused great upheaval in the Royal Family. The intrusion of the tax authorities in the affairs of the royals does not please the Sovereign or even Prince Charles. Trouble could also be Kate Middleton and William, who, like other members of the royal family, receive money through a complicated system of loans, funds and grants.

In short: the peace between the Windsors and the Markle seems destined to end. After the clash between the Duchess of Sussex and Kate Middleton, the quarrels with the staff and the gossip about her temper, Meghan's fortune seems destined to go down.

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