Meghan Markle, explosive trailer: the Palazzo opens an investigation and the earrings case bursts

Meghan Markle, trailer esplosivo: il Palazzo apre un’inchiesta e scoppia il caso orecchini

Buckingham Palace opens an investigation after the allegations against Meghan Markle and it is yellow on the earrings she wore in 2018

The new trailer of Meghan Markle and Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey has been called explosive and throws new mud on Buckingham Palace accused of plotting to give a wrong and negative image of the Duchess of Sussex, portrayed as aggressive against the Palace staff . The case of earrings, an uncomfortable gift from Mohammed bin Salman, is now adding to the fire of the controversy.

In short, the tensions do not subside, on the contrary they are getting hotter after the news that the interview-scandal of Harry and Meghan will be broadcast in Great Britain on ITV1 between 21:00 and 23:00 on Monday 8 March (now of London), so almost 24 hours after it aired in the US and the day after the Queen's Commonwealth Day speech.

Meghan Markle is relentless to the Royal Family and has her lawyers step in to defend herself against allegations of bullying brought against her by some of her former Kensington Palace staff. According to Harry's wife, he plotting against her instead is Buckingham Palace himself.

These are the facts: according to what was reported by the Times in 2018 Meghan Markle would have kicked out two assistants in a bad way and seriously undermined relations with a third assistant, this is the complaint about the behavior of Sussex and her husband, made by Jason Knauf who has them defined as "two bullies". Their behavior towards the staff was known at Buckingham Palace and had especially worried William and Kate Middleton who shared various assistants with Harry and Meghan. The situation had become unbearable to the point that the Duke of Cambridge, with his senior adviser Simon Case, sped up the paperwork to separate businesses and foundations they shared with the Sussexes.

Among other things, according to leaked rumors, when Meghan Markle was pointed out about her unseemly attitude, she seems to have replied: "It is not my job to pamper people".

Faced with this reconstruction of the facts, Meghan intervened through her lawyers by pointing the finger at the Palace, accusing it of having hatched, through the Times, a plot against her: "spreading a false image based on misleading and harmful disinformation" and again according to Lady Markle's spokesperson, all this would have been done to discredit her in the aftermath of the truth-interview where Harry's wife will show up with a splendid 4 thousand euro Armani dress.

For its part, Buckingham Palace rejects any accusation from the Sussexes, arguing that in this moment the efforts are all aimed at managing the difficult situation of Prince Philip, 99, hospitalized for weeks in hospital, for which a transfer was necessary. in a facility that specializes in heart disease. But in the meantime, it has opened an internal investigation to verify the veracity of the claims reported by the Times.

Investigation that aroused the applause of at least one of the staff members who declared himself a victim of Meghan's mistreatment. "Finally we will be able to tell the truth," he declared.

But that is not all. Lady Markle is at the center of the storm for another Times revelation involving a pair of £ 500,000 diamond earrings that Harry's wife wore in 2018 at a dinner in Fiji. The beautiful piece was a wedding gift from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. Nothing strange so far, except that Meg wore them three weeks after the killing of dissident Jamal Khashoggi, a crime that is suspected to have been commissioned by the heir to the throne of Riyadh. A thriller with an international character.

To give credit to the news is Rupert Murdoch, according to which the material was brought to the editorial office three years after the events by some members of the Sussex staff, intent on bringing out their version of the facts.

While the spokespersons of Harry and Meghan insist that it is a discrediting operation against them, which the Times would have lent, giving credit to some sectors of Buckingham Palace that intend to take away credibility from what the Dukes tell in the interview to Oprah.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle with the "offending" earrings

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