Meghan Markle, for her 40th birthday party, asks Oprah for help

Meghan Markle, for her 40th birthday party, asks Oprah for help

Meghan Markle is about to turn 40 and has decided to opt for a party at her home in Santa Barbara. To organize it, she asked her friend Oprah for help.

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A big day is approaching for Meghan Markle, who is about to celebrate her fortieth birthday. The last few years, starting from the day she decided to marry Prince Harry, have not been easy for her: so many changes and moments of joy, so many challenges to face and even more criticism received. It is not surprising, therefore, her desire to organize a party with the people closest to her, to leave the past behind and start a more peaceful and balanced life.

In a few days, precisely on August 4, Meghan Markle will turn 40. The Duchess of Sussex is always a favorite target of criticism and controversy and it is probably for this reason that she has decided not to exaggerate and to opt for a low profile party in the villa where she lives with Harry and his two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana, in Santa Barbara, California.

In short, according to what was reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail, no party in a trendy and luxurious place, as had happened instead for the expensive baby shower in New York that preceded the birth of little Archie. However, Markle is not ready to give up on style and, for this, she asked for help from the one who turned out to be one of her greatest friends in California: Oprah Winfrey, who would have advised her to hire Colin Cowie, her wedding and trusted event planner.

Colin, on the other hand, is extremely well known in the north-east of the United States of America and several celebrities have chosen him to organize fabulous parties. Suffice it to say that Vogue, in 2018, elected him as the best wedding planner in the country.

The guests selected by Meghan are expected to be about 65 and they would all be part of her close circle of friends of Sussex and Markle's family. Prince Harry, to surprise his wife, would have ordered a large cake in a local bakery not too far from his home. Furthermore, the banquet should include typical local foods and wines.

Meghan and Harry, although aware that the event could end up in the crosshairs of criticism, intend to enjoy the important day in serenity, leaving behind, at least for a few hours, the silent struggle with the British Royal Family. Will they provide further details or show some photos of the highly anticipated party?

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