Meghan Markle furious: Harry contravenes his orders and goes hunting

Meghan Markle furious: Harry contravenes his orders and goes hunting

Meghan Markle is furious: all the fault of Harry who decided to participate in the annual pheasant hunt, breaking the solemn promise made to his wife

Meghan Markle is furious with Harry. The reason? Diana's second son did not respect a promise made to his wife, taking part in the hunt.

We are talking about Boxing Day, the traditional pheasant hunting in which the entire Royal Family participates every December 26th. This is an unmissable appointment for the members of the Windsor family, in which the Queen also takes part. The tradition has been repeatedly contested by animal rights activists, especially last year when the Sovereign was immortalized while a wounded pheasant was beaten to death.

Meghan Markle has always declared herself a convinced animalist. Ever since she worked in Hollywood, on the set of Suits, she has always refused to collaborate with fashion brands that produced fur garments and fought against the abandonment of animals. Even when she became the Duchess of Sussex her convictions did not change, on the contrary, she tried to pass them on to her husband.

Precisely for this reason last year Harry flatly refused to take part in the hunt for Santo Stefano. A decision that had made William nervous, who always considered that tradition a fundamental moment to spend with his brother. His absence was taken for granted again this year and the Prince had already made it known that he would spend the morning of December 26 at Sandringham's estate pampering his pregnant wife.

In the end, however, he changed his mind and, as reported by some sources in the Palazzo, chose to take up the rifle and explore the estate hunting for pheasants together with his father and older brother. A decision that infuriated Meghan Markle, who felt betrayed and mocked by her husband. Apparently the desire to mend relations with William, rather tense in the last period, was stronger than the fear of disappointing Meghan.

Many are convinced that the choice to contravene his wife's "orders" is the first sign of Harry's rebellion, which until now has always tried to please her in every way. "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets" he said some time ago presenting her to his staff, but it seems that even today the Prince is starting to get tired of the tyrannical character of the duchess.

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