Meghan Markle, Harry reveals: "I didn't say goodbye to the Royal Family"

Meghan Markle, Harry svela: “Non ho detto addio alla Royal Family”

Harry defends himself in an interview without Meghan Markle, revealing that he never left the Royal Family

After the official divorce from the Crown, Harry comes out into the open and tells in an interview about his choice to leave London with Meghan Markle. A decision that, as he himself pointed out, would not have removed him from the Royal Family to which he is still very attached.

Host of James Corden's The Late Late Show, Diana's second son indulged in some confessions, revealing that he is still very close to Kate Middleton and William. The conductor and his guest took a ride on a bus, sipping tea and joking. Harry, who now lives in the United States with Meghan and son Archie, explained that he did not abandon the royal family with the Megxit, but was forced to "leave a toxic environment".

Statements referring to the attention of the media towards Meghan Markle and the attacks received, especially regarding the alleged tensions with Kate. "We all know what the British press is capable of," said Harry. It was destroying my mental health. So I did what any father would do. I took my family away from that toxic environment ".

A few weeks ago the Queen, surprisingly, had decided to remove some titles from the Sussexes, depriving Harry of the military ones to which he has always been very attached. The couple had responded in a particular way, without hiding a certain annoyance and reaffirming the desire to commit themselves to others, as already done in the past. Faced with Corden's questions about the affair, Harry didn't hold back. "I want to continue to be the same man I was when I was working as a real – he said firmly -. I will always live a life of service. Regardless of where I am ”.

Harry's participation in The Late Late Show anticipates Harry and Meghan's highly anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey. E! News, which attended the recordings, assures that the two “spilled the beans on everything, including tensions with the royal family. It is true that there are strong frictions with the royal family. The interview will shed light on everything that happened to get to this situation. For Harry and Meghan it is a relief to be away from the British Crown ”.

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