Meghan Markle, Harry unfairly attacked: "He works as hard as he can for the Queen"

Meghan Markle, Harry unfairly attacked: "He works as hard as he can for the Queen"

Harry was attacked unfairly: to defend him a journalist who has brought attention to the role of the Prince

Harry turns 36: the wishes of the Royal Family on Instagram

Meghan and Harry are always the center of attention: whatever they do or say they are always in the crosshairs of the press, ready to comment on any of their moves. Speaking for them this time was a journalist, Nina Myskow, who wanted to take Harry's defense.

Host of the Jeremy Vine show on Channel 5, the woman clashed with her colleague, Dawn Neesom, on a burning topic: to understand if the English people still want to hear the Prince.

During the show, Neesom wanted to launch a provocation: "I would be more impressed if she were here to do her job and give a hand to this country instead of giving lessons." Myskow, in disagreement with her colleague, defended Harry with the sword, citing many examples of the Prince having an influential role in the UK within the Royal family.

He said to Channel 5: “I think it's unfair. Harry has done a lot for this country and obviously still wants to do a lot. Think of the Invictus Games, think of the work he has done with this event. Keep working hard, working as hard as you can for the Queen ”.

Prince Harry's much-loved sporting event dedicated to veterans, injured and sick was due to take place in the Netherlands in May of this year. However, due to the pandemic, the event was canceled. The Duke of Sussex should therefore return to Europe next year for the Games.

The duke, who is also the patron saint of the Rugby Football League, told players, coaches and volunteers on video call: “We have an entire Rugby League World Cup coming up next year, so I definitely intend to return. I would have already returned if it hadn't been for the Coronavirus emergency ".

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had originally planned to split their time equally between the UK and Canada. Things went differently, also with regard to Meghan Markle's recent descent into politics: the British people did not look favorably on the matter, considering it an interference in American affairs, without the Dukes having the right.

And if Lady Markle's intention is really to aim for the White House, it is likely that the return to Great Britain will go further and further for the couple.

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