Meghan Markle, Harry's best friend didn't want him to marry her right away: her revenge

Meghan Markle, Harry's best friend didn't want him to marry her right away: her revenge

Tom Inskip, alongside Harry since Eaton, was not invited to the 2018 wedding party due to his judgment on the former actress

According to what is reported on the pages of Finding Freedom, biography of Meghan and Harry written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand and arriving on August 11, the best friend of the Duke of Sussex, Tom Inskip, would have expressed strong to the former schoolmate forti perplexity about the marriage with Meghan Markle.

Inskip, inseparable with Harry since his joint studies in Eton, would have invited the second son of Charles and Diana to wait a while before taking the plunge with the former Suits actress.

A source close to the parents of little Archie specified that Harry, although the advice came from a person very dear to him, saw things very differently. According to the Sunday Telegraph, Harry's younger brother would have hurt a lot the thought of someone so important that he didn't trust his judgment.

Apparently, after sharing their reservations about Meghan with Harry, Tom Inskip – aka Skippy – and his wife were 'punished' by not receiving an invitation to the Sussex wedding party at Frogmore House.

This fate, for example, has not fallen to what the British tabloids have called the couple's 'Serie A friends', names like George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey. Despite the split just mentioned, Harry and Inskip would have recomposed relations last year, following the tragic death of Tom's mother-in-law at 66.

The second son of Carlo and Diana and Inskip, as already mentioned, became friends after they met in Eton and have never left each other since. Inskip, according to the authors of Finding Freedom, was not the only one to recommend to Harry not to rush ahead with Meghan Markle.

William would also have spoken to his brother about it already after the first meetings between Harry and the former actress. According to the anticipations of the highly anticipated biography, William would have liked to make sure about the good intentions of Meghan (who on the occasion of her birthday last August 4 challenged the Queen again).

After all, as revealed by several sources, the children of Carlo and Diana are two people who have lived all their lives surrounded by people who have tried to take advantage of them. In light of this, William would have suggested to his brother – who apparently would be increasingly unhappy in Los Angeles – not to rush things and take the time to get to know Meghan Markle better.

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