Meghan Markle hires staff: she wants to save her image

Meghan Markle hires staff: she wants to save her image

Meghan Markle prepares the counterattack and hires staff to improve her image, challenging Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle copies Kate Middleton with the maxi black coat

Meghan Markle hires staff to save her image and Harry's. After leaving the Royal Family and refusing to return to London, the Sussexes would come up with a plan to regain their lost bond with fans. The Megxit in fact caused a heavy drop in the couple's popularity: in the polls William and Kate Middleton always win, impeccable and faithful to the Queen.

According to what was revealed by Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, experts of the royal family, Meghan and Harry would have hired new figures to take care of their image. The couple are allegedly creating a staff in the United States to act on the media and improve the world view of them. “Team Sussex made a couple of key hires – they explained -. Christine Shermer, former communications chief for Pinterest and former corporate communications manager for Apple, will be the communications chief of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Another hiring is Toya Holness, who will be their new press officer. They also have James Holt in the UK ”.

The communications team would be ready to revolutionize the image of Meghan Markle and Harry after the decline in popularity. On the other hand, the British have never forgiven the prince's choice to leave the Royal Family after his wedding with Meghan. The decisions of the Sussexes, now at home in America, also weighed. In fact, Harry did not return to London (apparently at the behest of Markle), even when his brother William and father Carlo tested positive for Coronavirus.

Despite being not very popular and quite criticized, Meghan is determined to go her own way and tell her truth about the farewell to the Crown. Next to him to help her, she will now also have a very powerful communication team, ready to create a new image for her. Meanwhile, the rift within the royal family continues to be incurable. What worries the Queen above all is the unbridgeable distance between Harry and William who have turned from inseparable brothers after Lady Diana's death to enemies divided by the ocean and the hatred of their wives.

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