Meghan Markle humiliated, not among the most powerful. But he spends millions on the house

Meghan Markle humiliated, not among the most powerful. But he spends millions on the house

Meghan Markle excluded from the ranking of the most powerful people. In first place is Kate Middleton. She consoles herself by spending millions on the house and ignites the controversy

Meghan Markle is not among the 10 most powerful people in the Tatler Magazine ranking.

Perhaps the exclusion depends on the fact that the top ten summit is occupied by William and Kate Middleton. A double humiliation for Meghan that has always aimed at the limelight, but above all that sees itself undermined by the sister-in-law with whom it is at loggerheads and always in competition.

In any case, Kate also suffered a setback. In fact, the Marquise of Cholmondeley is in tenth place in the rankings, namely that Rose Hanbury is rumored to have bewitched William.

In any case, the exclusion of Meghan from the list of socially most influential people surprised, considering the visibility she and her husband Harry had this year and their commitment to social issues.

A difficult period therefore for Lady Markle struggling with the small Archie, in crisis – it is said – with Harry and overwhelmed by the controversy because of the crazy expenses for the renovation of the new house, Frogmore Cottage.

According to reports from the Daily Mail, the Dukes of Sussex would have spent 2.4 million pounds, or about 2.6 million euros, although in the end the bill could rise to 3 million. All to escape from Kate and from the too restrictive life of the Court. The subjects question who will ultimately pay for all these jobs, the Royal Family or taxpayers? According to reports from People: "Everything that is not structural, from furniture to fixtures to lighting systems, have paid for it from their own pockets". Maybe, but Meghan is known for having popped hands, especially if it's not her money.

Of course, there are those who defend the couple by stating that Frogmore Cottage is a historic residence and therefore it is correct to keep it in good condition. Before the Queen gave it to her grandchildren, the house was used as support for the staff.

Harry and Meghan have redone the ceilings, floors, the heating system, the lighting and gas systems. He made 5 bedrooms and rearranged bathrooms and kitchen. And now they have to think about the garden, it is estimated that they will still spend around 600,000 pounds. The controversy continues …

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