Meghan Markle humiliates Kate Middleton: her garden wins gold at the Chelsea Flower Show

Meghan Markle humiliates Kate Middleton: her garden wins gold at the Chelsea Flower Show

Meghan Markle wins the first prize with her garden dedicated to Africa. Kate Middleton had no recognition: she was excluded from the race

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle: gardens in comparison

Meghan Markle, although on maternity leave, manages to annoy Kate Middleton. Almost humiliates her.

At the Chelsea Flower Show, the most important floral event in England, the garden of Harry's wife was awarded the gold medal. While the one designed by Kate had no recognition whatsoever.

The official explanation of this setback comes directly from Palazzo. Lady Middleton's garden, which was a huge success especially among children because it was dedicated to them, was not competing. The reason? The Duchess of Cambridge belongs to the Royal Horticultural Society, the charity of the Crown aimed at the development of gardening as a tool for growth.

Another story for the garden that Lady Markle has created together with the charity association Camfed, dedicated to Africa, the support of African women and clean energy. To tell the truth, even this project is somehow linked to the Monarchy, so much so that it was forbidden to use the photos of Harry in Zimbabwe to publicize it because: "The Duchess of Sussex participated in the project".

So, in a sense Kate was penalized. Perhaps it would have been fairer to exclude Meghan from the competition too. But as is known, the Palace often allows Lady Markle to have greater autonomy and to contravene the rules of the Court, both because its role in the Royal Family is marginal, even if it has a great media exposure, and to avoid further internal conflicts, since the voltage is very high.

However, Lady Middleton triumphed with her children's garden. The Queen gave her his personal compliments and found him: "Very tidy".

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