Meghan Markle ignores Kate Middleton: at Wimbledon alone and in jeans

Meghan Markle ignores Kate Middleton: at Wimbledon alone and in jeans

Meghan Markle in jeans looks like a surprise at Wimbledon without Kate Middleton and Harry, but with her American friends. I face the court?

Meghan Markle in jeans at Wimbledon without Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle surprisingly appeared at Wimbledon.

But this time he snubbed Kate Middleton. If in 2018 the two sisters-in-law attended the match together and Kate showed Meghan how to behave during these events, this year Lady Markle presented herself in the stands to cheer on her friend Serena Williams.

Actually, it wasn't really alone. The Duchess of Sussex has granted herself an afternoon of freedom from the young Archie, who will be baptized in Windsor on July 6, spending a few hours with her best friends, Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hillis, who participated in the New York baby shower which caused a scandal due to the crazy expenses.

Meghan appeared smiling and relaxed. It was presented at Wimbledon with a casual look, diametrically opposed to that shown by Kate a few days ago.

If Lady Middleton wore an elegant white Diana-style dress, the Markle preferred skinny jeans she paired with a black Lavender Hill Clothing t-shirt and a white striped 510 L? Agence striped blazer. Among the accessories the inevitable white panama, already seen last year, and a necklace around the neck with an A-shaped pendant, in homage to his son Archie, sunglasses, reshaped engagement ring, ring with blue stone created by Jessica McCormack and black pumps with stiletto heels.

Meghan as Kate then interrupted her motherhood to go to Wimbledon last year, but the decision to go there alone without Harry and Kate is read as proof that Lady Markle wants to distance herself from her brothers-in-law and in general from the Royal Family, but above all also from her husband who recently appeared rather gloomy and rude to his wife.

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