Meghan Markle, in Italy with her first book “La panchina”

Meghan Markle conquers Italy with her book “The bench” dedicated to Harry and his son Archie

Meghan Markle seduces in red with a slit and a stunning neckline

Meghan Markle also conquers Italy with her first book, The Bench. It is an illustrated volume for children where the Duchess of Sussex tells about herself, her husband Harry and her son Archie. When she wrote it, little Lilibet was not yet born.

Meghan Markle, where to find her book, La panchina, in Italy

At the top of the New York Times ranking, The Bench, translated into Italian La bench, is preparing to become a literary phenomenon in our country as well.

The bench

The bench You can also buy Meghan Markle’s book online 13,20 EUR Buy on Amazon

Published in Italy by Ape Junior, with illustrations by Christian Robinson and the poetic translation by Vivian Lamarque, La bench opens with a special dedication by Meghan Markle “To the man and child who make my heart beat so much”, a clear reference to Harry and Archie accompanying the reader through this tender journey of words.

Meghan Markle, what your book, The Bench, is about

The first book of the Duchess of Sussex touches the relationship between father and son through the eyes of a mother, giving magical moments of warmth and tenderness.

Mother, wife, feminist, activist and also a writer, Meghan is committed together with her husband and the Archewell Foundation to spread compassion among communities around the world, also dedicating herself to the protection of animals.

Since joining the Royal Family in 2018, she has officially quit her acting career. But now, as a common citizen, she has been able to prove her skill by reading her book in a video posted on Youtube.

Meghan Markle, how her book, The Bench, was born

Meg said her book was born from a poem she wrote for her husband Harry and their first child, Archie, in 2019 on the occasion of the first Father’s Day for the Prince. And then it turned into a book, La bench, which everyone can read. Lady Markle explained the genesis of her first literary work.

“Christian [Christian Robinson, l’autore delle illustrazioni n.d.r] he developed it by translating it into beautiful and delicate watercolor illustrations that capture the warmth, the joy, the sweetness of the relationship between fathers and children in every stage of life; this representation was particularly important to me and we worked closely with Christian to portray this special bond through an inclusive perspective. My hope is that every family, of whatever kind it may be, can be reflected in the pages of La bench, exactly as it was for mine “.

Meghan Markle, dedicates the finale

The book also features a tribute to Lady Diana, Harry’s mother and Archie and Lilibet’s prematurely deceased grandmother. The bench is therefore a special place where one is “never alone”.

Meghan Markle libro

Meghan Markle, her book “The bench”

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