Meghan Markle in politics: Harry takes the field with Jill Biden

Meghan Markle and Harry unpopular in the United States (and the Queen is involved)

Meghan Markle makes plans for the White House. Meanwhile, Harry forms a partnership with Jill Biden

Harry and Jill Biden, the story of a friendship

As Meghan Markle prepares to go into politics, so the usual well-informed argue, Harry makes plans with current First Lady Jill Biden. The two participate together in a virtual event: the joint presence of the Prince and the wife of the President has already been confirmed.

Alongside the First Lady, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Ken Fisher, president and CEO of the Fisher House Foundation, is also Harry to honor Warrior Games athletes, their families and caregivers.

The Department of Defense Warrior Games is an annual event, first held in 2010, that celebrates the resilience and dedication of the sick, injured on active duty and veterans of the United States Army. Already in Great Britain Harry supported the associations of veterans and war wounded. Now that he has lost every role in Her Majesty’s army, he is making a commitment to make his contribution to the American military. And he does it with his longtime friend, Jill Biden.

As is known, Harry and the First Lady are linked by a friendship of years and have often been photographed together at public events, especially linked to sporting and charitable initiatives since Joe Biden was Obama’s deputy. In fact, the First Lady first met Harry during her US tour in 2013. On that occasion she attended a reception for wounded British and US military personnel in Washington.

Harry and Jill were supposed to participate in the Warrior Games in person. But the 2021 edition, which was to be held in Orlando, was canceled due to the pandemic. For this reason, the Prince and the First Lady have decided to launch a joint message, in virtual form.

The first time Harry participated in the Warrior Games was in 2013 when he met Jill Biden who then returned the visit to the Prince in 2017 by going with the Obamas to London where he also met the Queen, Charles, Kate Middleton and William. Jill Biden returned to England in June 2013, but obviously her friend Harry wasn’t there.

So the partnership between Harry and Dr. Jill continues. In fact, she sees the Prince increasingly involved now that she lives in California and she is the First Lady. With all due respect to Meghan who is said to have plans for the White House. Although, it must be said, she too is a supporter of the Biden.

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