Meghan Markle in Rotorua, serious mistake: the transparent skirt shows the lingerie

Meghan Markle in Rotorua, serious mistake: the transparent skirt shows the lingerie

Meghan Markle makes another terrible style mistake in New Zealand: she wears a transparent Givenchy skirt and stays in lingerie.

Meghan Markle and Harry have come to the end of their first state trip. The couple has landed in Rotorua in New Zealand (see the look pictures).

As usual the Duchess delights us with three changes of dress, one more beautiful than the other. But he commits another unforgivable style mistake, far more serious than the forgotten label hanging on the red suit upon his arrival in Tonga. We proceed with order.

First look
Harry and Meghan in Rotorua attend the Maori dance first and then attend a formal lunch in their honor. Lady Markle wears a beautiful navy blue dress, which is now her color, signed Stella McCartney. It is an asymmetrical dress with a high waist that enhances the belly of the sweet wait. Cost? € 4,351. She pairs it with the Manolo Blanhik décolletée and a New Zealand necklace.

Second look
Harry's wife had time to change clothes to meet the crowd and receive the latest gifts before returning to London. Meghan enchants with a sparkling blue suit. The pleated skirt, wide, by Givenchy is a masterpiece, but hides a pitfall. The fabric of which it is made reveals itself to be transparent in contact with sunlight and the poor Duchess shows the world lingerie. Another scandal after the maxi dress with a dizzying gap. Queen Elizabeth this time will certainly not forgive her.

Third look
Finally the couple takes a walk, obviously hand in hand, in the forest. Meghan opts for a casual outfit, which is her forte as Kate Middleton was inspired by her to compose her sporty look. Lady Markle wears skinny jeans, a maxi down jacket and shoes that look like slippers.

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