Meghan Markle in the storm: accused of copying a speech

Meghan Markle

New trouble for Meghan Markle, Harry's wife has been accused of copying the words of a speech

Meghan Markle, the ultra chic bodysuit and the low cost t-shirt

New troubles for Meghan Markle who ended up in the storm with the accusation of having copied a speech. There is no peace for Harry's wife who, even in the United States, is not having an easy time. After leaving the Crown, the Sussexes have started a new business: they make paid online speeches that cost thousands of euros.

A few days ago Meghan took part in Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen Virtual Summit, an online meeting with a ticket cost of 1500 euros. During his speech, the former Suits star criticized social networks and the use of these tools in modern society. The speech thrilled the fans of Harry's wife who followed him with great attention. However, the tabloids did not miss a detail: the use of some phrases that recall The Social Dilemma, the now famous Netflix docu-drama.

"The term user refers to both those who use social networks and those who are addicted to drugs," explained Markle, immediately attracting everyone's attention. According to some, the comparison was used in The Social Dilemma by Jeff Orlowski. The choice to use words similar to those of the documentary has been criticized on the web, many have pointed out that Meghan could have at least cited the Netflix docu-drama to avoid accusations of plagiarism

Not only that: Markle's detractors have pointed out that The Social Dilemma, the documentary that inspired Meghan, is being distributed by Netflix with which she and Harry recently signed a multi-million dollar contract. Free charges? Many are convinced so, especially after the former actress has chosen to take a clear position in the presidential elections.

Meanwhile, London seems increasingly distant and, according to some rumors, the Sussexes will not return to England for Christmas. Both Kate Middleton and William and the Queen have repeatedly asked the couple to return to their homeland, but the future of Harry and Meghan is now in California. Lady Diana's second son and Markle bought a mega mansion and started a new career in the world of speeches.

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