Meghan Markle infuriates the Queen. And his assistant runs away

Meghan Markle infuriates the Queen. And his assistant runs away

Meghan Markle infuriates the Queen and another personal assistant runs away

Meghan Markle just can't stay away from trouble. The Duchess of Sussex not only infuriated the Queen, she would also lose another "piece" of her staff.

This was revealed by the Daily Mail, according to which Amy Pickerill, Meghan's personal assistant, would have already handed in her resignation to the Dukes of Sussex. The woman would be tired of the impossible demands of the Markle, but above all of her "angular" character. This is yet another staff member who decides to say goodbye to the couple due to the working conditions defined as "impossible".

Apparently no one can resist Meghan's bad temper, which would have already reduced several personal assistants to tears that, he said, would not prove to be up to the task. First it was Samantha Cohen's turn, who had been the Queen's right hand for years, but she couldn't bear the excessive pressure, then it was Edward Lane Fox and another helper, Melissa, who was described as a "person full of talent".

Amy Pickerill would have already packed her bags and would be ready to leave the residence of the Dukes of Sussex. The woman plays a key role at Kensington Palace: she took care of the organization of the Royal Wedding, creates press releases dedicated to Meghan, manages her commitments and takes care of marketing.

"He agreed to stay with them to help them in the birth of the child and organize their new home, then he will leave" an Amy friend who chose to remain anonymous revealed to the English tabloid. But it didn't end here because, according to Palazzo sources, other collaborators would be ready to leave, giving life to a stampede that scares the Queen.

That's not all: because Meghan would have made Elizabeth II angry again. The reason? Harry's wife is increasingly impatient with the label. In one of the last public engagements, the Duchess of Sussex was taken over by the Queen. The Markle in fact dared to walk in front of the Queen, overcoming it. A gesture that does not suit a member of the Royal Family, so much so that Harry promptly blocked her and forced her to stop, but the glance of the Sovereign did not escape anyone.

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