Meghan Markle irritated with Harry over secret evenings with Adele

Meghan Markle irritated with Harry over secret evenings with Adele

Meghan Markle would go on a rampage with Harry who didn't tell her about his evenings with Adele. But there is nothing unseemly between the two

Meghan Markle, new life in Los Angeles

Meghan Markle would not have liked Harry's exit with Adele, the singer in fact lives near Sussex and the Prince would have decided to spend an evening among compatriots, while his wife stayed at home with little Archie.

To reveal Meghan's irritation is the New Idea magazine which, based on the revelations of a source that remained anonymous, reconstructs the dynamics of the tension between the two spouses. It would seem that Harry wanted to meet Adele, who has lost 45 kg thanks to a special diet, of which he is friends and has left the house in secret, without warning Lady Markle, very busy rebuilding her film career, when she is not involved in his son Archie. It is known that he also asked for George Clooney's mediation to present his project to Brad Pitt.

Well, according to the source, Meghan would have discovered her husband's "escape" through one of his staff members. "It's not that Harry tries to hide his friendship with Adele, rather Meghan hasn't noticed anything." The insider allegedly stressed that Lady Markle is obsessed with wanting to plan their new life and this distracts her from anything else, she almost doesn't notice Harry. The Prince on the other hand has never fully adapted to the rhythms of Los Angeles and misses his family and friends. For this reason he found in Adele a comfort to his solitude.

"Hanging out with Adele helped him find a sense of normalcy." However, the source points out that there is nothing unseemly between the Prince and the singer, just a chat with friends over a drink. The two are comfortable together and Adele has always had a soft spot for Diana's youngest son, but who doesn't love him? "Meghan doesn't have to worry about anything." Also because Harry is very much in love with his wife and for her he has renounced his past, the Monarchy, his family and his country.

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