Meghan Markle is back in public with a perfect look and does not spare the Queen and Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle is back in public with a perfect look and does not spare the Queen and Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle after a long absence is back in public: the look is perfect and does not spare Kate Middleton and the Queen

Meghan Markle is back in public, flaunts a perfect look and does not spare the Queen and Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Sussex has now started a new life in the United States and is far from social media. Having closed his blog (which Buckingham Palace had asked him to delete before the wedding), the former Suits star also closed the Instagram profile he had created with Harry.

Despite the desire for privacy, Markle gave a long interview to The 19th *, a non-partisan editorial staff that created The 19th * Represents Summit, a week of virtual conversations in which women leaders take part. Interviewed by Emily Ramshaw, Meghan talked about her return to the United States and the new life created with Diana's second son and son Archie. In the video of the chat, posted on Instagram, the Duchess of Sussex appears smiling and relaxed. The hair is longer than the last public appearance, loose on the shoulders and with soft waves. She is wearing an apricot blouse by Hugo Boss and behind her you can see the garden of the villa in Santa Barbara where the couple moved.

The $ 10 million mansion is in fact surmounted by a large park, swimming pool and tennis court. "Meghan and Harry finally feel they are independent – a source told the tabloids – and there is no better feeling. They bought this house without any help from the family. It is not a loan from a friend, as happened previously. It's theirs, and they can't wait to call it home ".

A feeling of freedom and independence that can also be glimpsed in the eyes of Meghan Markle who in her speech did not spare criticism of the English press. It is no mystery that the Duchess has always felt abandoned by the royal family which, according to her, would not have protected her in the right way from the pressure of the media.

Meghan first spoke of Harry's inability to vote. "I think it is often difficult for men and women alike, for people, to remember how difficult it was to get the right to vote," he said. And be really aware not to take it for granted. I look at my husband, for example: he has never been able to vote ”.

The former actress then spoke of the problems caused by some forms of journalism "attentive to the most gory details, as a function of an attention economy that has become toxic". "I am referring to Harry's and my personal experience in recent years," he clarified, recalling the difficult months in London. Meghan, on the other hand, has never felt supported by Kate Middleton, from this would have arisen the frequent tensions between the sisters-in-law, but also with Queen Elizabeth and William. "I think that once we are able to return to the place where what you are creating is so important – he concluded -, where people simply tell the truth in their relationships and tell it through a compassionate and empathic lens, this will help to to bind people ".

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