“Meghan Markle makes fun of the Queen”: it is controversy for a video

Meghan Markle no longer holds back and shows the first signs of irritation in public

"Meghan Markle makes fun of the Queen": it is controversy for a gag in the new video of Harry's wife

Harry and Meghan Markle, the film: first photos and harsh criticism of Fuga da Palazzo on social networks

"Meghan Markle makes fun of the Queen": it is controversial for a video appeared on the 40th birthday of Harry's wife in which Meghan jokes with her friend Melissa McCarthy. The clip, shot in the Sussex California home, was made to launch the 40 × 40 project which aims to help young women who have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus.

An important theme, launched for the 40th anniversary of the former diva, in which, however, a controversy arises due to a little gag created by Melissa McCarthy amid Meghan's laughter. In fact, in the video the actress wears a floral hat, gloves and drinks a cup of tea, perhaps representing the Queen. The joke was enough to infuriate many royal watchers that Markle would have launched a challenge to the Sovereign, making fun of her in front of everyone. “The Duchess showed what she really thinks of the royal family – biographer Angela Levin wrote on Twitter -. She got what she wanted, she thinks she's smarter. Now she only awaits her husband Harry's outburst in his next book. Is there anyone else who thinks Meghan and Melissa were making fun of Her Majesty? ".

The writer has received numerous responses and many have criticized Harry's wife for her attitude that would be disrespectful towards the Sovereign. “They are really sad,” someone wrote. "Meghan is rude and above all ungrateful, the popularity she has today is also due to her marriage to Harry", we read again. Robert Jobson, a well-known royal biographer, also intervened on the issue and tried to tone down the controversy: "I think it's an obsolete caricature of the British," he explained.

The accusations against Meghan come after the rather icy wishes of the royal family. On the occasion of his birthday Kate Middleton and William sent Harry's wife an icy message, just like the Queen and Charles. A sign that the tensions within the Royal Family have not ended. Not only that: if Eugenia of York has joined Meghan's project, none of the other royals has mentioned it, ignoring Markle's appeal.

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