Meghan Markle makes Melania Trump tremble: she is aiming for the White House

Meghan Markle makes Melania Trump tremble: she is aiming for the White House

Melania Trump in the storm after the ex-friend's book-scandal. And now Meghan Markle also appears, who could compete in the presidential elections in 2024

Is Meghan Markle the real, new rival of Melania Trump? It seems so. Donald Trump's wife has recently been in the eye of the storm, among the accusations that emerged in the book-scandal Melania and Me, the tensions with her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump and the stress of the election campaign. But to all these concerns, there is another one called Meghan Markle.

As is well known, Meghan and Harry have moved to Los Angeles and their presence in the United States is cumbersome to say the least. Just think of the message of condemnation of racism that Lady Markle launched last summer after the killing of George Floyd. The former actress is proving to be a real thorn in the side of the Trump people who have always been criticized by Harry's wife. Even when the US President and Melania visited London, Meghan Markle avoided meeting them.

But now that Meg is in Los Angeles the matter becomes even more complicated and the rivalry with Melania Trump is more heated. If in England Lady Markle was competing with Kate Middleton to win the limelight, now she can only be with the First Lady, the first woman in the country. Indeed, according to political experts, Meghan would aim for the White House. And they do not exclude that she can participate in the presidential elections in 2024. At that point, if this were to happen, Melania would already be out of the game, overshadowed not only by Ivanka Trump, the next ideal candidate, but also precisely by Lady Markle.

Meghan is working on the takeover of American society. He has just signed a millionaire contract with Netflix that should fix all his and Harry's economic problems, freeing them from ties with Buckingham Palace. So, with his finances fixed, he would have time and money to invest in the election campaign. Among other things, in recent times, Markle has made her voice heard several times in political matters and now as a private citizen, no longer linked to the English Royal Family, she will be able to return to express her ideas towards Trump, already defined in the 2016 “a misogynist”.

But Meg, if she ever really takes the field, will have to contend with Ivanka. According to commentator Rosa Silverman, the daughter of the Tycoons could be the new candidate for the Republicans: "Americans like dynasties".

At that point Melania Trump, placed in the corner, perhaps regret the moments in which she had to face the wickedness and revelations of what is now a former friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff who in the book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With the First Lady, revealed details of Lady Trump's use of private email addresses through which she also dealt with government issues. To these accusations, Melania responded through the cabinet chief, Stephanie Grisham, calling Wolkoff "insecure and dishonest". The official note reads: "Anyone who secretly registers who she herself defines best friend is by definition dishonest". Unfortunately she is a deeply insecure woman ”.

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