Meghan Markle may already be pregnant with Harry. And it scandalizes the photos in lingerie

Meghan Markle may already be pregnant with Harry. And it scandalizes the photos in lingerie

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be expecting a child less than two months after the wedding. The rumors were born from an ambiguous phrase of the former actress who gives scandal with photos in lingerie

Meghan Markle, photo in lingerie and presumed pregnancy

Meghan Markle has not yet become an effective member of the British royal family and is already making the Crown tremble. First of all for her compromising photos that portray her in lingerie. In Italy the magazine Chi has published them. Harry's girlfriend wears silk bustiers, boyshorts and suspenders during a scene shot for CSI New York. Not only that, in another shot he holds a gun while he turns the specimen for Fringe.

According to the magazine, Queen Elizabeth would no longer be so favorable to the wedding, which will take place on May 19, between the former actress and her nephew. As proof of this, his icy attitude during the publication of his consent to the wedding. Moreover, it seems that there are images of Meghan with bare breasts.

But another issue deeply disturbs Buckingham Palace. Meghan Markle may already be pregnant with Harry, less than two months from yes. The rumors emerge from an ambiguous phrase uttered by the former actress in Belfast while admiring with her boyfriend a line of hypoallergenic products for children. He would have commented thus: "I am sure that at some point we will need all this".

Of course he may have simply wanted to express his desire to become a mother soon. After all, even the Prince has repeatedly stated that he wants to become a dad, perhaps envying William and Kate Middleton who will soon have the third baby. Or, and many shared this interpretation, the American wanted to announce indirectly that in 2018 there will be two royal babies.

Despite these burning indiscretions, the two fiancés do not seem at all upset and continue with the wedding preparations, including guest lists and wedding cakes.

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