Meghan Markle no longer holds back and shows the first signs of irritation in public

Meghan Markle no longer holds back and shows the first signs of irritation in public

According to body language experts, Meghan Markle cheated on herself during her last public appearance showing obvious signs of anger

Meghan Markle sets a tone with the striped shirt

Meghan Markle betrays herself and shows the first signs of anger during the video conference at the Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit, according to body language experts. A real breakdown on the part of Harry's wife who, during her stay at the Palace, took advantage of her skills as an actress in order not to let any “unseemly” emotion leak out.

Instead, even Meghan could not hold back her anger in the face of constant media attacks. And so while she claimed she didn't care what was said or written about her, she claimed to be a victim of disinformation by the tabloids who purposely distort her words. A contradiction that highlights the irritation of Lady Markle who managed to smile even during the last court event she attended last March, when the tension in Westminster Abbey between her, Harry, William and Kate Middleton was so high that it could be cut with a knife.

Compared to then, Meghan's attitude has changed and she has appeared less detached from the events that are involving her. This is explained by body language expert Judi James, who analyzed the video intervention of Harry's wife at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit. "Meghan was sitting on the sofa with her shirt sleeves rolled up to signify she's ready to go to work and, as she says, be authentic here." “Hand gestures seem to express confidence, like touching your hair gives a sense of delicate power. But the tension of the jaw and the repeated blinking of the eyelashes indicate a certain contained anger, while the overall tone suggests a woman bewildered by the accusations made against her. "

The expert continues: "Meghan emphasizes her emotional side and looks away considering her thoughts as she speaks. And the shaking of the head suggests a sense of disbelief and bewilderment ”. In fact, in her speech Lady Markle complains about how her words are purposely misunderstood to create scandal, instead she defends her have nothing controversial.

Meanwhile, she collects another legal defeat with the online Mail, while the Iron Curtain is getting thicker at the Palace and now even Prince Philip, Elizabeth's husband, is particularly angry with her.

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