Meghan Markle overshadowed Kate Middleton. And the Palace took its revenge

Meghan Markle overshadowed Kate Middleton. And the Palace took its revenge

Meghan Markle and Harry were treated cruelly by the court for overshadowing Kate Middleton and William: a royal expert's analysis

Kate Middleton and William: Harry spare tire

Harry and Meghan Markle were cut off from the Royal Family because their "pop star" attitude threatened to overshadow Kate Middleton and William. This is what emerges from the analysis of Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brothers, a new book that examines the rift between the two brothers.

According to the expert, the division between Harry and William was determined not only by personal issues between the two, but by the way in which the Palace was placed towards the Sussex and the Cambridge. Lacey speaks of a sort of "cruelty" of the Court towards Meghan and Harry when the two threatened the primacy of William and Kate Middleton as future Sovereigns.

The author argues that the way the Royal Family dealt with him and his wife Meghan left Harry with a deep resentment towards the Court that only increased as their popularity grew and distracted William's attention. Kate.

“The British royal system can be very cruel, especially with Cadet members. Harry realized as a teenager that he had become the court jester, number two, ”said Lacey. And in fact, the author recalls, the story of the Windsors teaches that there have always been problems with numbers two. Just think of Margaret, Elizabeth's younger sister, or the scandals of Prince Andrew, Charles's younger brother. At first, the cadet members are considered as nice co-stars of the scene, then when marriages and other heirs grow and arrive, they are cast aside, almost sacrificed in the name of the Monarchy.

According to Lacey, Harry's unhappiness increased as he grew older because he realized that only William and Kate were important to the Family and he was destined to be pushed aside, always one step behind. But when Meghan Markle arrived, things changed.

The author defines Meg as a strong and energetic woman who "inspired" and "transformed" Harry, encouraging him to take control of his own life, rather than simply living by the rules and traditions of the Royal Family. Thanks to Markle's driving force, Harry and his wife have become stars, rejuvenating the monarchy. But this success put the most traditionalists at Court in agitation, fearful of the popularity of William and Kate, much more important to the Monarchy. Hence the "cruel" treatment reserved for the Sussex.

Lacey added: “I think Meghan is a force of nature that perhaps Buckingham Palace didn't understand how to deal with. She is a woman of great determination ”. And he continued: "I think there is a clique of members of the Royal Family and the Palace staff who are angry with Meghan and have done everything possible to suppress her star power."

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