Meghan Markle pregnant wears high heels: the concern of doctors

Meghan Markle makes the doctors worry: the duchess does not give up wearing high heels even during pregnancy

Meghan Markle does not give up high heels even now that she is pregnant, but this choice could cost her dear.

The British doctors are convinced that they have decided to warn her about the use of high heels in pregnancy. The Sun reveals it, according to which the doctors would have asked the Duchess of Sussex to renounce her beloved heeled shoes for her own good and that of the child she is expecting (or children, given that it is rumored to be pregnant with three twins).

"I do not recommend women to wear high heels during pregnancy – explained Dr. Sarah Jarvis – because the body's ligaments are already subjected to enough tension to prepare for childbirth. Furthermore the back is already under stress, because the center of gravity moves due to the weight of the child ".

The result? Meghan risks falling whenever he wears high heels, putting the child's well-being at risk. Now that the belly is still leavened, if it should ruin the ground, it could not only hurt itself a lot, but also cause irreparable damage to the child.

Not only that: the British doctors in their appeal to Harry's wife stated that his choice to show off décolleté and dizzy sandals also damages the back and knees, increasing the pressure on the ankle. "What I want to ask is:" Is it worth putting yourself and your child at risk for fashion? "Concludes Sarah Jarvis on the pages of the Sun.

From the Duchess of Sussex no answer, certainly Meghan did not want to give up the pleasure of wearing high heels even now that she entered the third quarter. The time of birth is approaching, the belly is getting bigger, but Meghan seems intent on keeping up her reputation as a glamorous duchess.

On the other hand it is not the only member of the Royal Family who has decided to show off vertiginous heels despite the pregnancy. Even Kate Middleton, tried by the hyperemesis gravidarum and pregnant with Louis, had not given up wearing such shoes, even in the presence of snow and ice, risking really big.

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