Meghan Markle pregnant with second child: friends' revelations

Meghan Markle pregnant with second child: friends' revelations

Meghan Markle would be pregnant with the second child and hopefully be female. Kate Middleton and William will be the last to know, along with the Queen. But Harry opposes it

Meghan Markle, new life in Los Angeles

Meghan Markle would be pregnant for the second time. Rumors of pregnancy circulate persistently in the circle of American Sussex friends. So Harry and Meghan would be expecting the second child and there is talk of an oncoming girl.

The couple, who lives in Los Angeles with little Archie, have closed in the home in recent weeks after helping to distribute food to people in need in the early days when they moved to the Californian metropolis.

Even very few virtual interventions. Particularly significant is the message against racism and the images for Archie's first birthday. On both occasions Meghan's belly was well hidden.

The rumors of pregnancy, which have already emerged in the recent past, intensified recently when Lady Markle appeared on video on the occasion of the third anniversary of the fire at the Grenfell Tower. Meg had in fact helped to help the women and their families affected by the tragedy with a recipe book. Well those recent images have suspected and fueled the rumors of another incoming Baby Sussex.

A source close to the couple revealed to the New Idea that the sweet wait is more than likely: “Harry and Meghan have always wanted the second child to come close to the first. Their biggest desire is to have a female, so their family would be complete. "

Experts on real issues, consulted by New idea, say that the announcement of the pregnancy will not be long in coming. The first to know will be Doria Ragland, who perhaps already knows about it. In fact, Meg's friends have revealed that she cares to tell the mother in person, to then make a public communication. And the recent move of Doria to the Sussex house would indicate that something is boiling. Evidently Harry and Meghan need his help for little Archie, in view of a new baby on the way.

While, Kate Middleton and William, as well as Queen Elizabeth, will be among the last to know about pregnancy, that is when the whole world will know about it. "It's Meghan's final message to say that she wants to live outside the palace rules." This at least, according to rumors, would be Lady Markle's intention.

The biographer of the Royals, Phil Dampier, is convinced that the Sovereign would be very bitter if she were not informed before the sweet wait. But he says he is sure that Harry knows what is the right thing to do, even if it means going against the will of his wife: that is to respect the protocol and to warn Elizabeth in advance about everyone.

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