Meghan Markle pregnant with second child: the Queen kept in the dark

Meghan Markle pregnant with second child: the Queen kept in the dark

Meghan Markle and Harry would be expecting their second child, but they would have hidden the pregnancy from Elizabeth, making her annoyed

At Meghan Markle and Harry's house: inside the $ 11.2 million super-luxury villa

Meghan Markle would be pregnant with her second child. The rumors have been bouncing for weeks, precisely from mid-October when several on social media speculated that Harry's wife was expecting baby number two. However, it would seem that these indiscretions are confirmed, to the point of angering Queen Elizabeth. But let's proceed in order.

Meghan Markle and Harry seem to be expecting another son or daughter, the sex of the unborn child is not known. According to reports Oggi, it would not be a simple gossip, as when it was said that the second child would mark the end of the couple. The Sussexes would finally have decided to expand the family and the most enthusiastic of the two would be Harry who is looking forward to becoming a dad, as demonstrated by talking to a father of four children.

The time is ripe for the couple to give a little brother or a little sister to little Archie, born in 2019. Now that they have moved permanently to the splendid Montecito villa and that their finances have stabilized, they can focus on the family. And then they can always count on the help of Doria Ragland, Meg's mother who lives near them.

In the meantime, rumors about the second pregnancy bounce from one border to the other, so much so that they have reached the ears of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, who seems to have become quite irritated. The problem is certainly not the arrival of a new great-grandson, even if it is difficult to see him. If we think that he has not met little Archie practically since he was born, let alone what possibility he may have of personally knowing this baby who, if the pregnancy is confirmed, will see the light in the US and his parents will hardly take him to Great Britain.

In any case, what seems to have really shaken the Queen's nerves is the fact that Harry and Meghan didn't warn her, as usual, of this sweet expectation. According to protocol, Elizabeth must be the first to know about the pregnancy and the birth of a Royal Baby.

If the Sovereign is really that upset, as Today claims, then the suspicions that Meg's sweet expectation is true become more concrete. Certainly Lady Markle and her husband no longer have problems respecting the strict rules of the Court. One example above all, the political speech given by Meghan on the occasion of Time 100 has eluded one of the fundamental rules that all members of the Royal Family must follow: total neutrality in political matters.

The controversial video of Harry and Meghan raised a lot of criticism of the couple and embarrassed the palace. But now it is water under the bridge. The elections took place and Lady Markle voted.

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