Meghan Markle pregnant with twins: the rehearsals from Palazzo

Meghan Markle pregnant with twins: the rehearsals from Palazzo

Meghan Markle would be expecting two royal babies and they are females. Harry would talk about the twins as a "miracle"

Meghan Markle pregnant, undertone and big belly in sight

"Meghan Markle is waiting for twins". The Dukes of Sussex will soon become parents, two girls.

This is what the New Idea magazine claims on the basis of some implicit evidence and statements by the interested parties.

The first sign that it would be a twin pregnancy comes from the last images of Meghan Markle taken just a few days ago. The belly appears to have grown considerably in recent times and is larger than one would expect in the fifth month. From this derives the confirmation of the double sweet expectation (even for Kate Middleton, however, she had said the same thing).

But there is something else. It looks like Harry and Meghan are expecting two females. As is known, members of the British Royal Family never reveal the baby's sex arriving before birth. But from rumors coming from Palazzo, it seems that the two future parents are busy compiling lists of only female names. Although Lady Markle had made her think she was pregnant with a boy when she attacked Kate Middleton for little George's shorts.

Still according to indiscretions close to the Court, Harry would be in seventh heaven and would have confided to his friends to "be faced with a double problem". In addition, he would have let himself go by defining the "miraculous" twins. Meghan is excited to be pregnant and it seems that the Dukes had consulted a fertility doctor.

Among other things, the source continues, Lady Markle has always wanted to have twins, like her best friend Jessica Mulroney. And he also talked about IVF. "He knew that getting pregnant at 37 is a bit more difficult and he was aware that he didn't have much time."

Meanwhile, bookmakers have suspended bets on Meghan's twin pregnancy due to an abnormal number of bets. To indicate that the voices of a double birth are true. The British gynecologist, Teoh, an expert in multiple sweet waits, said that in 70% of cases, women of the age of Lady Markle give birth to twins.

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