Meghan Markle, Prince Philip reveals what he thinks of her: "He had to do like me"

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Prince Philip for the first time since the Megxit breaks the silence and reveals what he thinks of Meghan Markle

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Prince Philip for the first time breaks the silence and reveals what he thinks of Meghan Markle and Harry's farewell to the Crown. The choice of the Sussex dukes to abandon the Royal Family and move to the United States did not please the Queen, much less William and Kate Middleton, forced to take on the weight of new responsibilities. In recent months, many things have changed in London and numerous rumors have leaked about the reaction of the Dukes of Sussex and the Sovereign to the Megxit.

The only one to remain silent was Prince Philip, at least until today. In fact, these days the husband of the Sovereign would have pronounced himself on the behavior of Meghan Markle. To reveal it is Ingrid Seward, journalist and expert on the Royal Family, who has published a book entitled Prince Philip Revealed: A Man of His Century. In the volume, Seward reports the words of Filippo, furious with his nephew and the former Suits star for their behavior.

In particular, the prince would not have forgiven Meghan for the decision to put her happiness and needs in front of the good of the Crown, taking Harry away from family and court duties. "The prince does not understand what made his nephew's life so unbearable – the expert told FoxNews -. Harry and Meghan had it all, a beautiful home, a perfect son. It is a unique opportunity to impact globally with your charitable work ".

“He had to do like me”, Philip would have said referring to Meghan Markle. In fact, the prince has never forgotten the conversation he had with King George VI, his father-in-law, shortly before his marriage to Elizabeth. Despite aspirations for the future and a very promising military career, Philip was asked to put aside his ambitions and think only of the good of the British monarchy, remaining alongside the Sovereign. A decision, that of Filippo, very different from that of Meghan, who, crushed by the duties of the Court and persecuted by the press, has chosen to abandon the Crown, together with Harry, and start a new life in Los Angeles where she can express herself freely and fight his battles.

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