Meghan Markle privileged at Court: not even Kate Middleton has achieved much

Meghan Markle privileged at Court: not even Kate Middleton has achieved much

According to Lady Colin Campbell Meghan Markle has obtained more privileges and favors from the Queen than anyone else at the Palace, including Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in comparison: the truth about their enmity

Meghan Markle has always complained that Buckingham Palace has given her a different treatment than the other members of the Royal Family and in particular with respect to Kate Middleton. Well it's all true, according to Lady Colin Campbell, because Meg was actually favored at Palazzo. So her reading of the facts is opposite to that of Markle.

Lady Campbell, in addition to being a prominent socialite in England, is also one of the top experts on real issues and has several books on the Royal Family to her credit. Meghan reportedly received privileges at the time of his engagement to Harry that no one else had ever been granted, including Kate Middleton.

To the Daily Star Online she said: "The Royal Family did everything to welcome her, she did things she had never done for her before". "Meghan was the only girlfriend admitted to Windsor before the wedding." Among other things, Lady Markle, before marrying Harry, was invited to Sandringham for Christmas by the Queen. It had never happened before that a person, not yet officially admitted to the Royal Family, received such an honor. Kate had to wait for the ring on her finger.

Lady Campbell then points out that Harry's wife, immediately after the wedding, had the privilege of participating in a court engagement alone with the Sovereign. On that occasion Meghan refused to wear the hat, although the dress code required it, and Elizabeth allowed her this gesture of rebellion.

In fact, it seems that the Queen appreciated the dominant character of the acquired granddaughter. "The Queen loves dominant and lively personalities and Meghan can be very charming and captivating," explains the expert. This is why Elizabeth granted her a lot and forgave her a lot.

Finally, Lady Colin justifies Markle's escape to the United States, claiming that the former actress has political aspirations and does not exclude that one day she may run for president of the United States.

Reading the court expert is the exact opposite of when she says Meghan. Harry's wife considers herself a victim of the Palace and recently stressed that the Court immediately moved to defend Kate from inaccurate statements about her, while she would not have moved a finger to oppose the infamous accusations against her from the press, not even when her husband made an express request.

On the other hand, Meg has always claimed her autonomy and this freedom has a price. While Lady Middleton has always complied with rules and protocols that she exploits in her favor when the occasion requires it.

Lady Colin Campbell has therefore overturned the point of view Meghan Markle who now has no more excuses to complain.

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