Meghan Markle ready to interrupt her maternity leave to stay with Harry

Meghan Markle ready to interrupt her maternity leave to stay with Harry

The Duchess of Sussex leaves Archie at home and reappears in public for an important social occasion, and more

Harry and Meghan are ready to participate in one of the most anticipated premieres of the year.

The Sussex dukes are expected on the red carpet of the London premiere of Il Re Leone, the live action taken from the classic Disney of the 1990s, and although there will be plenty of celebrieties present, all eyes will be for the royal couple.

Thus, once again, Meghan Markle interrupts her maternity leave, leaving little Archie at home, to be present alongside her husband on a public occasion.

The premiere of The Lion King, however, will not only be a social event: the presence of the two is also motivated by other reasons.

First of all, the film: Harry and Meghan are both very fond of this Disney classic, which was also a bit of a 'convict' for them.

The couple, in fact, remembers that, when they met, one of their first dates, in 2016, was at the theater to see the musical taken from The Lion King.

Harry, in particular, is a big fan of the film: he said he saw it twenty times. The Duke of Sussex swears he knows the songs and phrases of the Disney masterpiece by heart. And it is said that Elton John sang the famous soundtrack, The Circle of Life, during the royal wedding of Sussex.

Husband and wife love both the Lion King and the message that Disney has decided to combine with the launch of this highly anticipated live action version: the preservation of the African ecosystem.

A theme dear to the Dukes of Sussex, who have a very special relationship with Africa. They chose it for their honeymoon, and, again, in the fall, they will make their first official trip as a family. Furthermore, Harry has for years been engaged with his foundation in doing everything possible to protect a land that is so dear to him.

Meghan shares her visceral love for this land with her husband, and is looking forward to joining him on his journey to South Africa. Waiting for the departure, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful African landscape on the big screen, not before having shone on the red carpet, where many Sussex-friendly celebrities will parade. The Markle will thus also be able to meet the singer Beyoncé, who gives voice in the film to Nala. Between the two there is a relationship of mutual admiration.

In fact, the American music star paid tribute to the Duchess of Sussex on the occasion of the Brit Awards, collecting the award and, on her website, said she was admired that Meghan had managed to bring some of the African American culture into the his royal wedding. So much so that at the royal wedding he sang a gospel choir and played a colored cellist.

Many bet, however, that on the red carpet of Leicester Square, the duchess will also steal the scene from the star of the film.

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