Meghan Markle reappears on the web: her foundation website has been published

Meghan Markle has felt less controlled since she left the Royal Family

Meghan Markle and Harry launch the website of their charity foundation Archewell. And they surprise everyone

At Meghan Markle and Harry's house: inside the $ 11.2 million super-luxury villa

Meghan Markle and Harry are back online. They have published the website of their charitable foundation Archewell. To tell the truth for the moment it is only the homepage, but well soon the site will be filled with all the activities carried out by the association.

After various bureaucratic troubles that blocked their association, finally Harry and Meghan see the light and were able to publish the dedicated website. The Sussexes have decided to name their foundation after their son Archie. In fact, they chose Archewell as a name, which has a double meaning, as explained in the site's hp. Arche derives from the Greek arché which indicates the principle, the source of an action. But the reference to the name of Baby Sussex, precisely Archie, is also evident. While well indicates the beneficial source, a place where one goes to dig deep.

At the moment online there is only one page with a gray background that shows the name of the association and its meaning. And it is possible to enter your email address to receive all the initiatives carried out by the foundation.

So, Harry and Meghan are back on the web after they had disappeared for months following the divorce from the Royal Family, after they had opened their personal Instagram profile, breaking away from William and Kate Middleton. In fact, they had to close their social profiles as Dukes of Sussex as they are no longer active members of the Monarchy. Lady Markle is a lover of the web, although she recently criticized those who use social media in an almost inopportune way, even if her concern was directed more to those who use them obsessively.

The publication of the site surprised everyone, as it was still unclear when Harry and Meghan could start carrying out their charitable activities aimed at the development of "human tech".

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