Meghan Markle, record compensation and public apology: the request to the tabloids

Meghan Markle, risarcimento record e scuse pubbliche: la richiesta ai tabloid

The judge ruled that the British tabloids against which Meghan had sued will have to compensate her 90% of the legal costs

Front page apology, £ 750,000 in compensation for legal fees and the return of the original published letters. Meghan Markle accepts no compromises and aims to get the most out of the lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Ltd (Anl), the parent company of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

The uncompromising request of the Duchess of Sussex comes after the victory obtained a few weeks ago, when the tabloids were found guilty by a London court of violating Meghan's privacy and copyrights by publishing private letters she had sent to her father Thomas Markle. The publication of the letters dates back to 2018 and was one of the events that so disturbed her and Harry as to contribute in a fundamental way to the decision to leave the United Kingdom to move to the United States.

The publisher had already announced an appeal against the verdict, deeming the amount invoiced by the Duchess's lawyers to be excessive for the costs of a court action lasting months: costs totaling 1.5 million pounds, according to Anl.

But the decision of Judge Mark Warby has given the tabloid wrong across the board, the provision is still enforceable and Meghan's lawyers do not intend to give truce, on the contrary: they are entirely willing not to give in an inch and to give a lesson to the newspapers more aggressive among the sensationalists, who have never been too sweet with the Royals.

Also contributing to the behavior of Associated Newspapers Ltd which has so far refused to return the stolen letters and continues to go against the sentence that had defined the conduct of its newspapers as "illegal".

Hence the request for an ad hoc ordinance in order to impose on the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday the requirements of Harry's wife, who would also like the destruction of any copy of the letters.

These are the minimum measures necessary, in the words of the lawyer Ian Mill, quoted by the Guardian, to force the ANL to accept the legal victory of the 39-year-old duchess with public recognition; and at the same time to “discourage future violators of the law”.

Only in this way, Meghan and Harry will be able to put a stone on the whole affair, which has particularly hurt the couple, as Harry himself revealed in the interview-event granted to Oprah Winfrey and which will be broadcast on CBS on 7 March. "My biggest concern was that history would repeat itself", confessed the Prince to the African American presenter, alluding to the fate of his mother Diana as a reason for leaving the royal family and England, moving a year ago with his wife Meghan Markle. and their little son Archie in California.

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