Meghan Markle returns to Hollywood and puts Kate Middleton in trouble

Meghan Markle returns to Hollywood and puts Kate Middleton in trouble

Meghan Markle star of the red carpet in Hollywood clashes with Kate Middleton who could give up the James Bond premiere

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle: from lukewarm friendship to total frost

Meghan Markle finally crowns her dream and will be the protagonist of a Hollywood evening, parading on the red carpet. Although this means putting Kate Middleton and William in difficulty, clashing openly with the brothers-in-law.

The tempting occasion is the first of the last film in the James Bond saga, the most famous and long-lived British spy in the world. The producers of No time to die, with Daniel Craig as 007, expressly want Harry and Meghan Markle at the Los Angeles premiere. Exactly one week after the British launch which will be attended by William and Kate.

The presentation of the film was supposed to take place last April but due to the health emergency it was postponed to next November. And once again Kate and Meghan will be competing. In fact, Sussex have been requested as guests of honor, according to reports from the Sun. If Lady Markle will be happy to be the protagonist of the red carpet even if not with the much desired film together with Brad Pitt, the James Bond matter could have consequences diplomatic.

The release of the film in London and Los Angeles was designed to have two great premieres, but the request to have Harry and Meghan on the red carpet could make the Dukes of Cambridge decide not to participate in the event to avoid a direct clash with Sussex.

William and Kate attended the London premiere of Bond's latest Specter in 2015. Harry was with them. Five years later, the three are divided by an ocean and are competing with each other who is now alongside his wife Meghan, although there are conflicting rumors about the Sussex. There are those who want them in the process of separating and those who claim that within the year they will announce a new pregnancy.

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