Meghan Markle returns to public and shows a corner of her beautiful home in California

Meghan Markle

During a video call Meghan Markle showed a very precious corner of the new house she bought with Prince Harry in Santa Barbara

Meghan Markle, the house she lived in as a child for sale

Let's face it, in no uncertain terms: everything about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attracts attention. And if there is the possibility of discovering something more about the places where they live their daily lives, interest grows exponentially. It is therefore not surprising that the times in which Meghan decided to show herself in public every detail is immediately noticed and made to get to the headlines.

The same thing has happened in the last few days too: Meghan participated in a video call with three women helped by one of her most loved charity projects, Smart Works. For the uninitiated, Smart Works is an association that focuses on the Smart Set Capsule Collection, a collection of clothes made in collaboration with British stylists and retailers.

For each item of the Smart Set Capsule Collection purchased, one is donated to the official Smart Works wardrobe, which are then distributed to women who need it thanks to the tireless work of the volunteers: a 1: 1 model strongly desired by Markle, who in the course of the video call underlined the importance of the fact that for each item purchased another item must be donated immediately.

In any case, although the meaning of the conference call was important, it was a corner of Meghan's luxurious new home that attracted the attention of users – who were able to see the meeting on Youtube. Specifically, to talk to the women helped by Smart Works, Meghan decided to sit in a corner of her large dining room, where a huge and precious fireplace stands out.

It is an extremely expensive piece of furniture, made with smooth stone panels finely treated to appear as natural as possible, embellished with a wrought iron closure. To make it even more special is a shelf where, with simplicity, a basic lamp stands out, emitting a soft light and an extremely chic picture.

The most attentive have also noticed the long window overlooking the garden of the estate, already shown by Meghan during another meeting. To complete the effect given by the fireplace, in addition to the two antique pink leatherette chairs, Meghan's look also took care of it: the Duchess of Sussex wore a white blazer over a softly low-cut top in bronze tones and sported a slightly more trodden make-up, however softening the effect with a beautiful low ponytail.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's precious fireplace. Source: Youtube

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