Meghan Markle, revealed the nickname of the Royal Baby

Meghan Markle, revealed the nickname of the Royal Baby

The couple's official Instagram profile already talks about Baby Sussex in reference to the future baby coming and no longer about "Baby Bump" (the unborn child)

The son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry already has a nickname, and for all now Baby Sussex, with the official honorary title of the parents, who are respectively Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan after the wedding, as tradition, on the day of their wedding they received that noble title, chosen directly by Queen Elizabeth in honor of one of the historic English counties and now they will also transmit it to the future baby.

The nickname appeared for the first time on the Instagram profile Sussexroyal, the official account of the royal couple, who in the last post thanked all those who participated in the fundraising in honor of the future birth, intended for various NGOs chosen personally by two real. Just in this official post reads: “just a week ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex asked you to consider the idea of ​​supporting various organizations around the world rather than sending gifts for the imminent arrival of their firstborn . Not only did you support us, but you acted concretely. Their real heights wanted to let you know the impact of your support – the direct result of your donations and energy. You decided to be part of something good and you really made a difference. Whether it's a $ 5 donation or a £ 1000 contribution, or even just getting the word out, everyone has done its part. On behalf of the Duke and Duchess (and Baby Sussex), we thank you very much. "

The use of the term "Baby Sussex" and no more than "Baby Bump" (the unborn child) has not gone unnoticed. According to some British tabloids, including The Sun, this new nickname is one of the signs that the baby has already been born.
Future parents have already stated in a press release of 11 April that the birth will be managed in a completely private way, "until the most opportune moment" so nothing prevents you from thinking that it has already happened.
In these groups, moreover, several vehicles were spotted outside the royal cottage and this suggested that Meghan has already given birth or is about to do so, also Harry has not currently planned any public commitment for the next few days and would have arrived in London on favorite make-up artist of the Duchess, all "clues" that suggest an imminent or already happened birth.

Certainly the new mother will not pose for the classic ritual photo in front of the hospital, as Kate, William's wife, did for all three of her children and Diana before her. According to Who magazine, Prince Harry will directly take the first photos of the unborn child (or unborn child) who will receive a private and intimate welcome, even if unusual and in contrast with the royal protocol.

Pending official news, there is no shortage of various predictions on the date, there are those who focus on April 21 (Queen's birthday) or 23 (birthday of baby Louis of Cambridge, third son of William and Kate). Those who, however, believe that Baby Sussex is already born, speculate that there will be an official announcement around the day of Easter Monday.

As for the name, however, nothing is known yet, although Serena Williams, Meghan's great friend, would have accidentally revealed that it will be a girl.

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