Meghan Markle runs away from Kate Middleton: in the United States with Archie (without Harry)

Harry and Meghan Markle in the storm for the flight on the private jet in Nice

Meghan Markle flees to the United States, tired of media pressure and rivalry with Kate, bringing little Archie with her

Meghan Markle packs her bags and prepares to leave London to fly to the United States, leaving Harry at home and bringing Archie with her.

According to disclosed by Elle, the former Suits star feels the lack of Los Angeles, her hometown, and would be ready to fly to the other side of the ocean to present Archie to her closest friends, but above all to escape media pressure. . If before the birth the attention of the subjects (and the tabloids) was all over her, the situation now seems even worse.

Meghan is enjoying a period away from the spotlight, just as it had happened to Kate after the birth of Charlotte, George and Louis, and we will most likely see her in public only on the occasion of the baptism of the firstborn. Despite this, gossip on his account is not lacking, from the revelations of the former friend, to the uncomfortable flirtation with the X Factor star, up to the threats of relatives.

The press apparently has no intention of leaving the duchess of Sussex alone, who would then have decided to reach America to find some peace. The continuous rivalry with Kate Middleton also weighs heavily on the newspapers, which only make Harry's wife more nervous.

On the flight with her will also go up Archie who, as Meghan confided to friends, will have to know her mother's origins as well as her father's. It is no coincidence that the child has a double passport.

"Meghan is planning a trip to Los Angeles as soon as the baby can get on a plane – a source told the Sun -. It will be a personal vacation and not a real tour, so it is useless to expect public exits of the royal couple that will maintain the strictest reserve ".

The Duchess of Sussex had flown to the United States the last time last February to celebrate the baby shower. Together with her also Amal Clooney and Serena Williams who are now looking forward to seeing the baby. Except a meeting with Father Thomas Markle, with whom he has long since broken off contact at the behest of the Crown.

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