Meghan Markle scared: new truths are coming (also from Kate)

Harry, the revelations of the former Cressida that make Meghan Markle nervous

Meghan Markle would be scared of a new truth book coming up and Kate Middleton could also be speaking

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As the Royal Family prepares a response against the Sussexes, Meghan Markle would be scared of a new truth-book that could put her in trouble. According to reports from the Sun, investigative reporter Tom Bower has signed a contact to create an unauthorized biography of the former Suits actress.

Bower is not a journalist like any other, but he is known (and feared) for his accuracy, numerous sources and his ability to unearth the most hidden secrets of famous people. In the past he also wrote the biography of Prince Charles, revealing manias and whims that embarrassed the Queen's son, showing a new side. For this, as some sources explain to the Sun, Meghan Markle would be very scared at the idea that Bower is investigating her.

The reporter would take 12 months to research and write. "He doesn't throw punches, but he is terribly accurate in his research and will leave no stone unturned," said one insider. Meghan fears a book like this. The author has often worked together with the book's protagonist, interacting and dialoguing. Meghan, however, has already said that she does not want to participate ”.

In the biography, according to the first rumors, there will also be testimonies of Meghan's family. But the most anticipated revelations are those coming from the Palazzo and concerning the former assistants and those who worked with her after the Royal Wedding. "However, he will speak to his family, including his father Thomas, and also to former assistants," the source explained. And many are convinced that Bower will even be able to unearth the truth about Markle's conflicts with Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge would have been shocked by Meghan and Harry's choice to talk about the fight that took place before the wedding, thus putting her in a bad light. The bio could be a good opportunity to take revenge and tell the truth about the tensions with the sister-in-law. On the other hand, Palazzo sources describe a William "furious" with the Sussexes and determined to reply to their statements, from those against Kate to the accusation of racism towards the royal family.

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