Meghan Markle sets a tone with her look and launches her attack: "I victim"

Meghan Markle sets a tone with her look and launches her attack: "I victim"

Meghan Markle changes her look and launches her attack. He defines himself as a "victim of disinformation", but suffers yet another legal defeat against the media.

Meghan Markle has reappeared on video to have her say against the criticisms that have been addressed to her lately. Harry's wife wanted to point out that she doesn't pay attention to "flattery or public criticism". However, he felt the need to reiterate that he is a "victim of disinformation" and that the media distort his statements to make them appear provocative and controversial.

This is what Markle said when speaking on video at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit. Meghan seems to contradict herself though. In fact, when she stressed not to care about what is said or written about her, preferring to focus on Harry and Archie, she defends herself from the controversies and judgments that the media have expressed against her, reiterating that she is the victim of continuous and not accidental misunderstandings. The press would distort his sentences every time to make them ambiguous and questionable. While, she defends herself: "If you listen to me, there is nothing controversial in what I say".

Lady Markle's comments come just as news spread that she lost the lawsuit filed against the Mail on Sunday for publishing excerpts from the letter she wrote to her father. The High Court of London has ruled that the Associated Newspapers, owner of the Mail On Sunday and the Daily Mail, will be able to use Finding Freedom, the Sussex biography, where part of the letter is contained, for the defense. Harry and Meghan's lawyers have always denied that the couple collaborated in the writing of the book and that the text of the letter was introduced, based on the articles of the accused newspapers. On the other hand, the Associated Newspapers attorneys are convinced that the excerpts from the letter in Finding Freedom will work in their favor and the High Court has proved them right.

Meg collects another legal defeat, after the one last May when Judge Mark Warby rejected his request to proceed against some tabloids, accused of undermining his relationship with his father.

Perhaps, disappointed with how her trial events are going, Harry's wife wanted to reiterate in public that she felt targeted by the media, even if she tried to show herself not too involved. What is certain is that in the last speeches, Lady Markle and her husband have managed to raise a real fuss, especially after the statements on the presidential elections which also provoked the reaction of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Meghan has begun her defense campaign by appearing in the living room of her gorgeous Montecito home sitting on a soft white sofa. In all the media events of recent times, Markle has given an image of herself as a girl that is far too simple. Indeed at times she appeared almost neglected, with frizzy hair and a subdued look.

For the appointment with Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit, she decided to set a tone. At the very least she has given her hair a fix, even if it is still excessively long, hinting at waves and curls. And he finally abandoned beige and brown for a light blue shirt with white stripes by With Nothing Underneath, a brand he uses often, costing 94 euros.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle – Source: IPA

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