Meghan Markle, so she monitored Harry during the video message for Time 100

Meghan Markle, so she monitored Harry during the video message for Time 100

Meghan Markle was watching Harry during the video message for Time 100: the words of the body language experts

Meghan Markle, subdued look for the Time 100 video

Meghan Markle was keeping Harry under control during the video message for Time 100. This is revealed by the body language experts who analyzed the clip and the speech made by the Sussex. Openly defying the Queen and the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan have decided to speak publicly about politics and take a stand ahead of the presidential election.

From their villa in Santa Barbara they broadcast a video that caused a lot of discussion. In addition to the message spread by Meghan and Harry, however, Markle's attitude towards her husband also caused a stir. Interviewed by the Daily Mail, body language expert Judi James stressed that the former Suits star kept a close eye on her husband during the film.

"Harry is tense, you can tell from the numerous diversionary rituals – explained the scholar -. He is uncomfortable and at some point he even seems to crack his knuckles, a gesture of self-aggression which, like biting nails, indicates a lack of tranquility ”. According to James, Harry in the clip is not at all convinced of what he is saying. "The gaze is uncertain – he says -, he knows that those phrases would have had repercussions on relations with his family of origin".

For the body language expert, in essence, there would be a strong predominance of Meghan Markle over Harry. A real form of control on the part of the actress who, of course, in recent years has shown that she has a very strong and decisive character. An aspect that also emerges from his non-verbal language. “Space is associated with power and it is evident that she takes the largest portion on the bench – highlighted the scholar -. She adopts a posture identifiable with control and her husband seems to step aside to leave her center stage ”.

Certainly the story does not end here. And while Buckingham Palace has distanced itself from the couple, claiming they are no longer "active members" of the Royal Family, Meghan looks more determined than ever. Markle is not willing to stop and politics is now her next goal: "These are the most important elections – she said -, we must fight hate speech".

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