Meghan Markle talks about the difficult times during the first months with Archie

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One year later, Meghan Markle recalls the difficulties encountered in the first months of little Archie's life

Life as a new mother can be difficult, even when you're part of the Royal Family. Meghan Markle tells us about it, who in the past few hours has returned with her memory to last year, thinking back to the first months of her little Archie's life and the many difficulties she herself encountered.

Meghan and Harry were guests of the Teenager Therapy podcast, on the day dedicated to mental health. Both, addressing the delicate subject of the stigma that still surrounds those suffering from mental illness today, recalled some particularly difficult moments they experienced firsthand. The interview opened with a very simple and banal question, which however brought to mind a moment of great emotion.

The conductors in fact asked Meghan how she was, and in a moment the thought flew to the tears that the Duchess of Sussex showed, with great genuineness and emotion, during an interview for the documentary Harry & Meghan: An Africa Journey , registered last year. On that occasion, surprised that someone was interested in her state of mind, she let herself go for a long time talking about the difficulties as a new mother, in particular in always being under the media's eye.

"They asked me about a year ago, we were on tour in South Africa. And we were exhausted ”- Meghan recalled during the podcast. Harry stepped in to explain that his wife was breastfeeding little Archie at the time. And the Duchess revealed how that moment had been particularly difficult for her: “It's like running a marathon. In between official duties, I would go home to make sure our son was fed. But in the end the reporter asked me how I was, and I didn't realize my answer would receive so much worldwide interest ”.

Meghan then continued, speaking from heart in hand: "I was in a moment of vulnerability because I was tired, I was just a mother of a four and a half month old baby". One year later, the same question: "How are you?". This time the answer is quite different: “The reason why this thing has had great resonance is because everyone would like to be asked this question. Today I can say that I'm fine, thanks for asking ”.

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