Meghan Markle: the ambulance at Frogmore Cottage: is the royal baby being born?

Meghan Markle, because Diana would have entered into conflict with her

The arrival of an ambulance and a helicopter at Meghan and Harry's private residence would announce the birth of the Royal Baby

Meghan Markle is now close to giving birth, according to calculations made since the announcement of the pregnancy. These days, an ambulance photographed in front of the new royal residence would suggest the imminent birth of the Royal Baby. But will it really be so?

To give this announcement would have been the British tabloids, first of all the Daily News, which from his Twitter account published the photograph accompanied by a tweet that reads "Son of Meghan Markle: imminent birth given the arrival of the ambulance at Frogmore Cottage ". The news, of course, rebounded on social media, convincing the British that the Duchess of Sussex would have given birth within a few hours.

To disprove the news, however, was the portal, which reports that the vehicle in front of the royal residence would belong to a training service for drivers of the ambulance service in the area. It would therefore be a false alarm, especially considering that Meghan Markle would have planned a home birth, flanked by her beloved Harry. In the event that he would rather opt for hospitalization, Westminster Hospital and Chelsea Hospital's Kensington location would seem to be his most plausible options. Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, where the Countess of Wessex has already given birth, and the American-owned hospital The Portland may be two options for hospitalization of the Duchess of Sussex. But whatever the choice of the beautiful American actress is, the ambulance in front of Frogmore Cottage would seem to have nothing to do with the birth of the long-awaited Royal Baby.

What is so far certain is that Meghan Markle has refused to be followed by doctors closest to Queen Elizabeth, Alan Farthing and Guy Thorpe-Beeston, preferring instead to appoint her own team of doctors who follow her during pregnancy. Harry's wife will also not follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, having refused to give birth in the same hospital as the two women. In short, it will be a rather unusual birth for the English Royal House, which has already expressed all its disappointment at the way in which the Duchess of Sussex is managing her pregnancy. It therefore seems that there is still to wait before seeing the Royal Baby come to light, despite the fact that ambulances and helicopters in front of Meghan and Harry's residence have almost made you think otherwise

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