Meghan Markle: the call to the Queen before Philip's funeral

Meghan Markle: the call to the Queen before Philip's funeral

According to a source close to the Royal Family, Meghan Markle would have called the Queen before Prince Philip's funeral

Funeral of Prince Philip, the Royal Family dressed in mourning

The whole world spoke of Meghan Markle's absence in the UK for Prince Philip's funeral, alongside her husband Harry. And there was no lack of insinuations and gossip about it, although she herself said that she did not leave on the advice of the doctor, to preserve her pregnancy. Meghan for many is the one who caused a deep fracture within the Royal Family, distancing Prince Harry from his closest loved ones and from his country.

However, a source very close to Queen Elizabeth and Buckingam Palace would have revealed to People a detail that goes beyond the image of the "harpy at all costs" built around Meghan. Apparently the (former) Duchess of Sussex tried to make up for her absence by contacting the Queen directly, just before the celebration of Prince Philip's funeral.

A gesture of closeness as well as respect. Not only did Meghan keep in touch with her husband Harry, calling him every day during his time in the UK, but she wouldn't have spared herself with the "real grandmother in law." Indeed, according to the source of People, even the little Archie would have talked to the Queen.

This news should not come as a surprise, since Prince Harry himself claimed last February that he has frequent contact with his grandparents. In an interview with James Corden's The Late Show, he revealed that both the Queen and Prince Philip used the Zoom platform for video calls and that, during these, they had been able to witness moments of ordinary everyday life of their grandson.

It is clear to everyone that Meghan Markle has thrown a real hurricane against the English Royal Family, with her statements to Oprah Winfrey, hard and heavy as lead. And for the same reason, Harry's return to his homeland was full of expectations. How would he behave? How would other Windsor household members (especially Brother William) react?

The funeral of Prince Philip was certainly an occasion for rapprochement. But at the center of the event were the pain and sadness for the loss of an important person, which meant a great deal especially for the Queen. Certainly the balances have changed, even if only for a few days, so much so that the Queen herself has "forgiven" Meghan Markle for not showing up in London. Before the funeral, a source close to the Royal Family had revealed to People that Meghan had contacted Her Majesty to offer her condolences, as soon as she heard the news of the Prince's disappearance.

Harry's trip to England has certainly stirred the waters. And, why not, it could be the first pebble thrown into the reconciliation pond at the Windsor house. Sometimes the pain of loss brings people together with incredible strength, and perhaps, for a moment, Prince Philip's death accomplished just that. The Royals put family matters aside, putting aside their own problems to focus on what really mattered.

Prince Harry returned to California on Tuesday with his wife Meghan and little Archie, missing the birthday of the Queen who turned 93 on 21 April. Although not confirmed, there may be a new meeting between Harry and William in July for the unveiling of a statue in honor of their late mother, Princess Diana. Meanwhile, everyone goes on with their own lives, while Royal Family fans continue to hope for a happy ending.

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