Meghan Markle, the (decisive) showdown with Buckingham Palace is approaching

Meghan Markle, the (decisive) showdown with Buckingham Palace is approaching

The Buckingham Palace bullying investigation continues, and the showdown with Meghan appears ever closer

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Buckingham Palace is not there and for Meghan Markle new problems could arise: the showdown is now near. The accusations of the servants at the Palace against the Duchess of Sussex have moved seas and mountains. On the one hand, there is Buckingham Palace, which thrills to find the truth and to support its workers; on the other hand, there is Markle, who instead claims that the collaborators would not have done their duty in the best way. As always, seeking the truth is difficult from outsiders, but an exclusive to the Mirror puts Meghan in a bad light (once again).

The news that the Palazzo has opened an investigation is certainly not new, but the decisive moment is about to arrive: there are many domestic collaborators (ten, according to the Mirror) who have said they are ready to speak. A source close to the investigation said the showdown will even be "brutal". In March, a first check took place, especially following the accusations of bullying against Markle, published in the London newspaper The Times, and which caused a real uproar.

Technically, the results of the investigations should have already been published, but it seems that they could postpone until next year. Meghan is currently disputing all the charges she has received from the Palace. An internal source pointed out that the general feeling is that there will be a fight, and that it is not excluded that it can be very hard.

“The Palace is taking every accusation very seriously. The important thing is that the truth comes out. This means making sure everyone who speaks is heard about it 100%. Markle, for her part, remains adamant: sure she is right, she continues to argue that the staff were not up to the job. In a nutshell, as the Mirror points out, “the collaborators couldn't stand the pressure of working with her, they didn't understand how to do their job and what the Duchess really wanted”.

Meghan's behavior at the Palace has always been questioned, so much so that, according to Robert Lacey, Prince William himself had to intervene, trying to understand what was happening at the time. And, according to rumors, it was William who acted, making certain aspects clear. When Meghan was asked about her attitude towards collaborators, it made the situation much worse.

"It's not my job to pamper people". A sharp enough answer: if true, it would explain why co-workers have often claimed to find themselves in tears working with her. There are many – perhaps too many – who believe that the main cause of the rift between Harry and William was Meghan. The Palazzo, meanwhile, makes it known that it does not tolerate bullying or harassment.

From the moment Meghan made it clear that she had had numerous problems at the Palace, even the collaborators found the courage to speak up, going against the Duchess. The investigation is continuing and the showdown seems closer: for the moment, Buckingham Palace has preferred not to comment on the affair to the Mirror, citing the ongoing control of the facts as a reason.

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