Meghan Markle, the generous gesture kept secret

Meghan Markle, the generous gesture kept secret

Meghan and Harry are receiving numerous attacks after the interview with Oprah Winfrey. But someone wanted to remember a gesture by Markle to emphasize her generosity

Meghan Markle, the second pregnancy

The effects of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey, even after weeks, are still being felt. The words spoken by the Sussexes continue to be discussed and, while trying to understand how much truth there is in the statements of the two, many have taken sides in defense of them or the Royal Family.

What certainly caused the most uproar were the accusations of racism made by the couple at Buckingham Palace. Markle has in fact reported that at Court there was great concern during her pregnancy about how dark the skin of little Archie would have been at birth, specifying, however, that neither Prince Philip nor Queen Elizabeth had made such insinuations. . Strong words that, while sheltering the Sovereign, triggered a real earthquake.

Part of the press has thus mobilized to seek evidence to support the statements of Meghan and Harry or to deny them categorically. Among those who have shown that they also believe important personalities, such as Michelle Obama and the international star Beyoncè. But alongside the Duchess there were also some of those who, with her activity in London when she was part of the senior members of the Royal Family, she helped.

In particular, a charity that works to combat racism and poverty in Nottingham, wanted to bring to light a gesture of the Duchess that had long remained hidden and which highlights her generosity and kindness. Director Sajid Mohammad said Meghan made a large donation, which was kept secret for fear that her reputation, heavily questioned by the press, could negatively affect the name of the association.

After the interview with Oprah, however, Mohammad decided to reveal what happened. To push him, precisely the statements on racism, which he strongly fights with the charity in question. He could not, therefore, just remain silent in the face of the words of Markle, to whom he wanted to show solidarity. His goal is also to make people recognize how many charities Harry and Meghan did while they were in England.

Mohammad also recalled the moment when the donation was announced in a simple email. He emphasized, in particular, the extreme kindness of Meghan Markle's words and her generosity and how all this has positively affected and moved not only him, but all his collaborators.

An important testimony, therefore, in favor of Meghan. Markle and Prince Harry, who are expecting their second child, are in fact receiving numerous attacks after the interview. It is undeniable, however, that, just like William and Kate, the two spent themselves for the good of their country. Will other charity representatives remember the gestures of the Dukes of Sussex?

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