Meghan Markle, the harsh comment on Instagram and the appeal to Harry

Meghan Markle shares the Queen's message, but does not forgive those who criticize her. And many I ask Harry to return to London

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle: from lukewarm friendship to total frost

Meghan Markle shares the message of Queen Elizabeth to her subjects on the Instagram profile "in a moment of great concern and uncertainty".

The Sovereign and Prince Philip have moved to Windsor Castle where they will surely stay until after Easter. But His Majesty wanted with this heartfelt message to be close to all the British. And he stressed how important it is to change one's life habits "for the well-being of the community and to protect the most vulnerable".

Lady Markle directly wanted to take up the Queen's words, but her comment on Instagram was rather harsh towards those who think they can take advantage of it to criticize and shoot negative judgments: “Love solidarity. I am particularly interested in how the royalty will do their part. I really hope at a time like this that people think before writing negative and hateful comments. "

And speaking of "doing their part", the big question is whether Harry will be called back to London to help the Royal Family cope with the situation. The rumors of a possible return of the Prince to his homeland chase each other on social media, as reported by the Express. Many loudly ask the second son of Charles and Diana to come forward to support Elizabeth, even if this would mean overshadowing Meghan and her son Archie who apparently would remain in Canada.

If Harry decides for the Queen, this could call into question his marriage which would already seem to be in crisis according to the rumors of divorce plans. Although the Sussex, during their recent stay in London, have shown themselves more united than ever, as body language experts say.

Certainly, however, it is Harry's distance from his brother William (read Diana's omen on the children). The Duke of Cambridge and his wife Kate Middleton immediately said they were ready to support the Monarchy in this difficult situation. The Cambridge, by the way, are a very solid couple, as the former astrologer of Lady D. also points out

Queen Elizabeth's message – Source: Instagram

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