Meghan Markle, the hot videos of Harry's girlfriend on Pornhub

Meghan Markle, the hot videos of Harry's girlfriend on Pornhub

The risque scenes starring Meghan Markle have surged in views. Will Queen Elizabeth approve Harry's new relationship?

Meghan Markle: biography, news and curiosities of Harry's girlfriend

Meghan Markle stole the heart of Prince Harry of England. The 35-year-old actress, however, has a background that is not exactly immaculate, not quite suitable for becoming the wife of the scion of Windsor House.

The beautiful Meghan Markle shot some hot scenes in the Suits TV series which stars her. Assessed, sensual kisses, lace and some nudes. Sure, nothing pornographic, but mischievous enough to wreak havoc on the Court. Especially because those risque scenes are far from being forgotten.

On the contrary, at the news of her engagement with Harry (who would have already presented her to dad Carlo), the hot videos had a surge in views on Pornhub, over 41 thousand a day.

If the love story is successful, Queen Elizabeth will have an additional problem to face. Other than the improper wedding of Pippa Middleton and the bold split of Kate Middleton. However, Meghan Markle would not be the first actress with a murky past to become a member of a royal family. Sofia of Sweden docet!

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