Meghan Markle, the indiscretion about the divorce from the Royal Family

Meghan Markle, the indiscretion about the divorce from the Royal Family

According to British actor Laurence Fox, the decision would be due to Harry's wife's ego and his desire for attention

Several months have passed since the day Megxit was announced. Time passes and, between the various changes of residence of the Sussex couple and the first birthday of their son Archie, the questions that pushed Diana's second son and his wife to abandon the roles of senior senior members of The Firm. Among the aspects that have been called into question is the couple's desire to become financially independent of the Crown.

According to 42-year-old actor Laurence Fox, who became famous thanks to the role of Lieutenant James Hathaway in the television series Lewis, the real reason for Megxit would be another. According to the British artist, originally from the city of York, Lady Markle would have decided to abandon the glories of the British Court as she was aware that she could not get enough attention.

The actor, who in recent days has strongly criticized Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint for their position on an article published by J.K. Rowling said on her website that her views on the Duchess are shared by most of the population. As can be read on the tabloid Express pages, Fox also spoke on Megxit during a television appearance, reiterating that, in his opinion, Meghan would have left the United Kingdom because she would have been denied the limelight.

For this release, Fox has been attacked from many sides. He defended himself by emphasizing that, since he knows the actors' environment well, he knows that among the professionals in question it is common to have a particularly accentuated ego and the consequent desire to always be the center of attention.

Host earlier this year in the studies of the Question Time broadcast, Fox collided with university professor Rachel Boyle. The academician said that, according to her, Meghan – who could soon return to London with Harry for a face-to-face with Kate and William – would have been torn apart by the press as a black woman. The actor disagreed, specifying that, according to him, one cannot speak of racism. This exchange of views had a strong prominence on social media, with Fox claiming to have received death threats for his views.

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